Before an outreach activity takes place, before a messenger of good news is sent, mobilization has to take place first. Someone must educate, make aware and help churches and individual Christians to the point of involvement. The aim of this focus area is to mobilize evangelical churches in Africa to become mission forces with a giving mind-set, as opposed to mission fields with a receiving mind-set. Therefore EMI’s Mobilization programme is specifically aimed at promoting a paradigm shift within African Evangelical churches to become mission forces. This will be done through strategically identified critical ministry programs such as (though not limited to these):

Operation Abraham – And Abraham said to God, “Oh, that Ishmael might live before you!” (Gen.17:18). This program is about gospel outreach to Muslims. Descendants of Ishmael developed Islam. Like Abraham, we pray for the salvation of Muslims. The program has a twofold aim:
• To mobilise churches to respond to the challenges arising from the spread and growth of Islam in Southern Africa (though not limited to this region),
• To facilitate training of church leaders and their congregations on the subject of Muslim evangelism for the purposes of reaching the Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Language and Culture (Ethnolinguistic) – Africa has an estimated number of more than 2000 languages or one third of the world’s linguistic heritage; making Africa the most complex place to share the gospel. But Language is fundamental to one’s identity and provides a sense of community and personal value. EMI is interested in the study of language in all its aspects. But the major area of interest is the classification of African languages, language development and preservation for the sake of the gospel.
Language development projects of different kinds could be such as:
i. Promote the development of Christian literature in African languages for discipleship,
ii. language documentation,
iii. translation,
iv. Literacy,
v. dictionary production,
vi. orthography development.

Ebed-Melech Project (EMP) – Another aim for EMI is to promote religious freedom; advance respect for and protection of the rights of all religious groups as well as promote inclusive public attitudes. Thus promoting advocacy for reform of discriminatory laws and policies, and development of improved legislative protections for religious freedom. It is a programme devoted exclusively to the analysis of religious freedom, basic human right restricted in many parts of the world. The EMP will engage a team of international scholars to examine and debate the meaning and value of religious liberty; its importance for the spread of the gospel and democracy; and its role in social and economic development, international diplomacy, and the struggle against violent religious extremism.

Christian Counselling Ministry (CCM) – is aimed at supporting those Pastors and Christian workers who are in need of support on how to cope with their life challenges. It is written “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns” (Isa. 52:7). But many missionaries, Pastors and other Christian workers leave the mission field and the ministry due to excess stress that is related to personal, family, social, and ministry challenges. The counselling program is approached in a variety of ways:
• Providing short term counselling and trauma debriefing for missionaries in crises situations;
• Offering workshops and seminars on a variety of topics covering spiritual, personal and family issues. This will extend but not be limited to, diversity management, cross-cultural adjustment and transition.
• Providing re-entry workshops for the missionaries and their children returning home.
Counselling services will be offered to individuals, couples, families and teams/groups, depending on the context. Consulting work will also be provided for Church and mission leaders.