Ebed-Melech Institute

The purpose and vision of Ebed-Melech Institute (EMI) is to change the landscape of African missions from being objects of missions to being subjects of missions. EMI’s Mobilization program specifically aims at promoting a paradigm shift within African Evangelical Christians to becoming a mission force. Our goal is to see an army of believers in Christ mobilized and taking the mission of Christ to another level in order for the continent to fulfill His command of the Great Commission.

The name Ebed-Melech is taken from Jeremiah 38 and 39. It is the name of an African believer (Ebed-Melech, the Cushite). According to the Bible Ebed-Melech was a godly man who interceded on behalf of Jeremiah when the prophet was thrown in a pit and was sent by the king with thirty men to rescue the prophet from the pit. For his faith and trust in God, Ebed-Melech was assured of safety in the general overthrow of Zedekiah by the Babylonians (Jeremiah 39:15-18). Naming the organisation after him serves as a historical reminder of Africa’s involvement in God’s work even long before the missionary movement was born in Europe and America.


Change the landscape of African missions from being objects of mission to being subjects of missions.


To stimulate evangelical churches to engage in developing mission minded churches that should take the evangelisation of the remaining unreached peoples in Africa and beyond as their primary focus of ministry.


1. Rely on the provision of God for creativity and innovation
2. Stand on Biblical truth and values
3. Like-minded partnerships and team ministry
4. Display a servant attitude – in serving each other and the body of Christ