Migration is the new mission frontier for Churches and mission organisations in South Africa today. According to the mid-year population estimates report for 2018 released by Statistics South Africa (, the population of South Africa is estimated at 57,7 million as at 1 July 2018. While births and deaths are considered the main drivers of population change, migration continues to be significant, not only demographically but also politically, economically, socially and spiritually.

The report also shows that South Africa is estimated to receive a net immigration of 1,02 million people between 2016 and 2021.
Movements within and across South Africa’s borders impact not only the population structure of the country and provinces within South Africa, but potentially the economic, political, social and religious composition of communities.

As a result, the daily life activities of today’s communities and institutions, including Churches have become very diverse and individuals and cultures are intertwined. Consequently, the world of Christian missions is changing, and Churches must revisit their strategies in order to meet the mission requirements of the new reality.
Understanding and planning for current and projected migration patterns in South Africa and the whole sub-region is imperative for continued growth and development of Churches and for peaceful and well-integrated communities of people.

Ebed-Melech Institute primary concern is in the following key areas:
(1) Perception of immigrants among Churches and communities,
(2) The approach by Churches to the issue of diversity in their congregations,
(3) Lack of plans and preparedness for integration among Churches,
(4) The capacity of Churches to handle differences and increased levels of acceptance of newcomers.
(5) Outreach and Discipleship in the inter-cultural context.

As a response to this challenge, Ebed-Melech Institute has designed an inter-cultural program where Churches, mission organisations, communities and others are capacitated through training.
The goal of these seminars is to introduce leaders to the dynamics that are inherent in inter-cultural encounters and to explore building blocks for an effective inter-cultural ministry. So far four seminars have been successfully conducted in three provinces; two in Gauteng, one in the Free State and one more in Kwa Zulu Natal.

With your partnership and support we can do much more throughout the country and in the sub-region. Our challenge is lack of resources. Your support and contribution to Ebed-Melech Institute is critical to capacitate churches and communities through inter-cultural training.

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