2019 Upcoming Events

  1. Intercultural Seminars – Meeting people from different cultural backgrounds has become more and more common in the globalizing world. Today’s communities, workplace including Churches are very diverse where individuals and cultures are intertwined. That means the world of missions (mission field) is changing and the Church must change to meet the requirements of the new reality.
    According to the International Organization for Migration Africa remains a continent with complex migration dynamics. Migration trends for Southern Africa especially show that the region continues to experience a significant rise in mixed and irregular migration flows.

    Ebed-Melech Institute primary concern is in the following key areas:
    (1) Churches perception of immigrants,
    (2) Churches approach to the issue of diversity in their congregations,
    (3) Churches lack of plans and preparedness for integration,
    (4) Churches capacity to handle differences and increased levels of acceptance of new comers,
    (5) Churches ability to realize that their specific goals and targets will depend largely on whether their leadership is strong, responsive and action-oriented, and whether they can establish coherent migration policies that find consensus at all levels of their church denominations.

    The goal of these seminars is to introduce leaders to the dynamics that are inherent in inter-cultural encounters and to explore building blocks for an effective inter-cultural ministry.

    Pietermaritzburg – Kwa-Zulu Natal
    Date: 10-11 June 2019

    Johannesburg – Gauteng
    Date: 6-7 November 2019

  2. Support Group Meeting – Without the prayer, moral and prayer support of our supporters, it wouldn’t be possible for us to achieve anything in all our operations. Therefore, the intention of this one and half hour meeting is to give feedback to the supporters and to have time of interaction and fellowship. Specific venue to be announced later
    Where: Pretoria
    Date: 25 May 2019
  3. Operation Abraham – Facilitation of the creation of a regional network on Islam. The network seeks to provide a platform for peer learning and sharing experiences, good practices and lessons learned to accelerate implementation of the Christian concern to reach the Muslims with the gospel.