Mr. Peter Vumisa
Executive Director
Peter Vumisa is the Executive Director and founder of Ebed-Melech Institute in Pretoria, South Africa and holds a Masters degree in Biblical Studies from Freelandia Bible College and Seminary, USA. He is also the regional coordinator for Southern Africa in the Movement of African National Initiatives (MANI) – an African mission movement. He also coordinates the Southern and East African Christian Concern (SEACC) Network (a network with the vision to promote outreach to the unreached people groups in Southern and East Africa). Peter has many years of experience as a cross-cultural missionary, researcher, author, editor, and Pastor. He is an excellent teacher, speaker and facilitator of seminars and workshops. Peter and his family are members of the Pretoria Central Baptist Church where he is also serving as an elder. In 2012, together with a team of 11 African church and mission leaders from 5 countries, he co-authored and published a book called “Evangelical Christian Missions: An African Perspective.”
Dr. Connie Makgabo
Director for Public Relations and Partnerships and Secretary to the Board of Directors
Connie is a lecturer at the University of Pretoria in the Faculty of Education, Humanities Department. She has more than 25 years teaching experience both at the high school and tertiary institutions and is currently involved with both the undergraduate and postgraduate students in "Teaching methodology in African languages". Connie has a lot of passion for African culture and languages and she speaks a number of them. She is also involved with the Independent Examination Board (IEB) in various categories. Connie loves the Lord and is so passionate about global missions. She is currently a member of Pretoria Central Baptist Church where she is actively serving the Lord in the Internationals Ministry (an Outreach Ministry to foreign students, diplomats, business people, refugees and others).
Dr. Stanley Gichia
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Stanley is a registered architect and sustainability researcher with over thirty years experience in project management and academia in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. Aside from his professional pursuit, he is passionate about Christian ministry, especially missions.
Mr. Patrick Nyonganyi
Director for Prayer and Spiritual Development
Patrick is an engineer and project manager by training and profession. He became a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ in July 1986 and served in Church Leadership for many years. He also trained as a biblical counselor in 2011 with Grace Bible Church.
Mr. Tony Verlaan
Director of Leadership, Organizational Development and Support Raising
Tony Verlaan and his wife Maria have served with Global Partners (Formally; New Tribes Mission) since 1989. They served the Lord in Church Planting in Central America and then were involved in equipping Christians in Australia for Cross-Cultural ministry. They have spent the last 10 years in Southern Africa establishing a Cross-Cultural equipping program for National churches, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the organization in South East Africa. They are now basing their ministry from Australia.
Prof. Matshepo Matoane
Director for Research and Development
Matshepo is a registered Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of South Africa. She currently holds the position of Director: Instructional Support and Services at the Department of Tuition Support and Facilitation of Learning at the University of South Africa. She has accumulated 20 years’ experience of working in a higher education environment, which includes focus on teaching, research, community engagement and management.
Mr. Johan Grobler
Director for Programme
Johan is a believer in Jesus Christ and is passionate about reaching the lost. He is active in his local church's missions and has been heading Megavoice Southern Africa since 2011. As an electronic engineer he lectured and designed hand-held communication systems early in his career. Later he was chief systems engineer of a very large multidisciplinary systems. Johan has been married for 36 years and is a grandfather of 8 and counting...