The Growth of Ebed-Melech Institute so far

Ebed-Melech Institute is a ministry dedicated to the vision of landscaping African missions. The ministry is still very young but we can testify that by God’s grace we are witnessing a steady growth of the organization. By His grace we are aiming high in order to achieve our goal. We are therefore happy to share what the institute has done so far.


For Ebed-Melech Institute 2018 has been a special and great year. Through your unwavering prayer support by His grace, in this first year of ministry God helped us to make good progress. With the words of the Apostle Paul, the Lord has done “far more, than all that we ask or think” and “to Him be all glory … throughout all generations”(Eph. 3:20-21). So far our main focus has been inter-cultural ministry in churches and mission organizations with a special interest in their inter-cultural encounters and adaptations. We are therefore delighted to share with you what the Lord has accomplished throughout the year.


In addition to great preaching and good expository sermons, a positive inter-cultural Church environment is directly linked to everything from increased membership to reduced church attendance and stagnation that might lead to the death of a congregation. Churches that honor diversity are the most capable of benefiting from a culturally diverse fellowship.
For churches and mission organizations creating a diverse staff composed of people with various cultural backgrounds and experiences benefits the work of ministry in multiple ways. Diversity helps congregations and mission organizations by keeping them from operating in a bubble, where all their ideas come only from people who share the same backgrounds and views on things.

The November 7-8 seminar is part 2 of the Ministry among Inter-cultural Groups. Part 1 was held in July at the same venue at OM The Link in Hatfield, Pretoria. Attendance increased from 26 to 33 participants who represented various churches and mission organizations from three provinces – Gauteng, Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN).

Due to migration trends, political and other factors, it is clear to us that inter-cultural encounters and adaptations is a very crucial issue affecting churches and mission organizations. The outcome of these seminars has encouraged us to introduce the Inter-cultural seminar to other provinces in South Africa.

Seminar presenters came from various professional backgrounds such as academics, theology, missiology, research, etc., covering a wide range of tops. Video interviews of four Pretoria Churches on Inter-cultural encounters and adaptation was a special element added to part 2 of the inter-cultural seminar program.


  • Migration Trends for Southern Africa and the Impact of the Gospel
  • Navigating the Inter-Cultural Maze
  • Inter-cultural Communication – Bridging Cross-cultural Barriers
  • Identity and Stereotypes in Inter-cultural Fellowships
  • Inter-cultural Encounters and Adaptations – A Biblical Response to Racism
  • Inter-cultural Encounters and Adaptation in Mission Organisations


The main aim is to conduct an extensive study on the status of social security among Christian organisations and churches in South Africa.

The concern is for the largely neglected social security context for missionaries, in particular health care, retirement or pension provision, disability protection, maternity coverage, and support for missionary family members who stay behind in the event of a missionary passing on.

The project was put on hold but in 2019 we would like to resume. Pray with us for the funding of the project and its execution.