Before an outreach takes place or a messenger of good news is sent, mobilisation has to take place. Churches and individuals need to be made aware of the needs, instructed, and helped to the point of involvement.

This is achieved through strategically identified critical issues such as:

Operation Abraham
This is a Gospel outreach to Muslims, mobilising and equipping churches and individuals to respond to the challenge and to reach out to Muslims with the Good News.

Language and Culture
Africa has an estimate of 2000 languages. EMI is interested in the study of language in all its aspects, especially the classification of African languages, their development and preservation.

Ebed-Melech project
This project promotes religious freedom, protects the rights of religious groups and promotes advocacy for the reform of discriminatory laws and policies.

Christian Counselling Ministry
We focus on pastors and workers who are in need of support on how to cope with life challenges. We facilitate counselling and trauma debriefing for missionaries in crisis situations. We offer workshops to make supporters aware and equip them to support their religious workers.


We seek to influence mission work through conducting cutting edge research on critical issues that affect the life of the church in Africa, and to propose innovative solutions to any associated problems.

We will produce:

EMI Publications
We will provide well-researched material to encourage believers. This will cover topics like: discipleship, Bible studies, marriage counselling, theological training etc.

International Journal for African Missions (IJAM)
The purpose of this journal is to target the area of missiology oriented toward concern for the unfinished task in Africa and beyond. Missions professors, field missionaries, mobilisers, executives and researchers will be encouraged to write articles for IJAM.

EMI will organize workshops, conferences and seminars on various topics as approved by its Board Directors.


Central to its effectiveness is EMI’s ability to engage with key role players both internally and externally. The focus here is on ensuring synergy between the various directorates of the institute by developing an effective and efficient strategy for engaging with clients, partners and key shareholders.


This area focusses on sustaining the institute by providing pastoral care to its members. Of primary concern are the members of the Board, their loved ones and, as deemed appropriate, the institute’s staff members. This ministry oversees and ensures provision of spiritual growth through education and training. The spiritual life of EMI shall be underpinned by the following three means of grace:

Fervent prayer
Wonderful Counsel
Works of Mercy